Every metered water supply service shall have a monthly minimum charge or rate, varying with and based upon the size of the meter installed in accordance with the rules of Commission.

The minimum charge shall be in accordance with the schedule and shall entitle the consumer, without additional charge, to have supplied through the meter the amount of water set forth in the water rate table.

All water meters, boxes, lids or any apparatus connected with same are the property of the District and will be maintained by the District.  It is a misdemeanor to tamper with, alter, disfigure, or destroy any part of the District's system and conviction of same shall be a fine of not less than $10.00 nor more than $100.00 plus any expense the District incurs in repairing the damage.  The water meter for each customer is installed and maintained by the District.  An damage to the water meter caused by or through the actions of the customer shall be repaired at the customer's expense.  Any damage to the water meter must be reported promptly to the Water District.

Commercial accounts have until the 15th of the month to pay the net amount.  The gross amount is due between the 15th and the 20th with a $5.00 late charge added after the 20th of the month.

If a meter fails to register, the customer shall be charged at the average rate of consumption as shown by the meter when in order.  All water that passes through the meter shall be charged for whether the water is used or wasted.

CHANGE IN LOCATION OF METERS-  Customers must permit the District reasonable access to its equipment at all times.  All trees, shrubs, and fences should be places so as to permit convenient access to the water meter.  If a fence is erected after the meter has been installed, the fence should set back or offset so that the water meter is completely outside the fence.

If a meter is relocated for the convenience of the customer, of if the customer fails to allow the District reasonable access to the meter, the customer shall pay all costs incurred in the relocation of the meter.

The customer is responsible for the service pipes and fixtures from the water meter to the point of consumption.  All leakage must be kept to a minimum.  Excess leakage of water shall be considered a willful waste of water and if not properly corrected, may result in discontinuance of service until the necessary repairs have been made.

It is against state health regulations to connect any apparatus to your water service which uses toxic materials without the installation of an approved back-flow prevention device.  A private well may not be tied to the District's system.

The District reserves the right to change the rules, regulations, and rates for water and sewer use, and to shut off or restrict the water for alterations, extension, or repairs when necessary.

The District shall not be liable under any circumstances for the deficiency or failure in the supply of water, whether occasioned by shutting off water to make repairs, connections, or for any cause whatsoever.