Establishing Service:

All customers shall make application for service in-person at the District's office, and at the same time, pay a $25.00 non-refundable service charge to establish service.

Disconnect Service Request:

If water service is requested to be disconnected, applicant that has service in his or her name (or both),must fill out a cut-off request at the office before water can be disconnected.       

The rates for water and sewer service in the Metropolitan Sub-District  B Water & Sewer District shall be in accordance with the following schedule.

Water & Sewer Rates.

Metropolitan Sub-District B

Water & Sewer

*  The minimum for this meter is $3.10 per unit for the first 500 units and $2.90 for the next 100 units.

Meter Size
Base Charge
1 1/2"

Outside District Rates are the above rates plus 50% ($4.65 per unit) 

Each water and sewer customer's bill consists of three charges: (1) a  charge for water. (2) A charge for operation and maintenance of our

District's sewer collection lines (Sewer Use) and (3) a charge for sewage treatment, (Sanitary Sewer) which is forwarded to the Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer District. The charges of the Sanitary Sewer District are billed by this utility each month, but the Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer District determines this rate. This charge is for the treatment and Transportation of the sewage after it leaves our collection lines. The Sanitary Sewer District rate will be charged at $3.62 per unit for the number of units used plus a base charge, based on meter size, per bill. (see chart below) Customers outside our district with sewer only will be charged  $0.77  per unit on our sewer charge and $3.62 on the Sanitary Sewer charge plus a base charge, based on meter size, per bill. (see chartbelow)  Customers  outside the District with Metropolitan Water but only connected to Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer will be billed at $5.09 per unit plus a base charge, based on meter size, per bill. (see chart below)  The cost per unit (750 gallons) for water is $3.10. The cost for maintenance of our sewer collection lines, (Shown on bill as Sewer use), is $0.51 per unit. On our commercial accounts inside the district using in excess of 500 units per month, the rate for water changes from $3.10 to $2.90 per unit on each unit in excess of 500 in a one month period. The net amount shown on your water bill is the amount due on or before the 10th of the month. Between the 11th and 2Oth of the month, the gross amount is due. Net for commercial  accounts is due the 15th of the month. A $5.00 late charge will be added to the bill after the 20th of the month and service will be discontinued on the 21st of the billing month. When a customer's water service is shut off for non-payment of a bill, the District requires that the customer pay all delinquent bills, and a reconnection charge of $15.00 before service is restored. In the event that it becomes necessary to remove the meter to secure payment for a past due bill, an additional fee of $25.00 will be  assessed to restore service.

Size of Meter


Water Charge


Sewer Charge

Water Allowed

$2.044 units (3,000 Gal.)
$4.599 units (6,750 Gal.)


30 units (22,500 Gal.)
80 units (60,000 Gal.)
200 units (150,000 Gal.)
400 units (300,000 Gal.)
600 units (45,000 Gal.)