If a customer has a leak which results in a 25% increase in a 3 billing period average bill, and the leak has been repaired, the customer shall be entitled to receive one water adjustment during a 12 month period.

Adjustments to water bills shall be made in the following manner:

The customer shall pay the regular rate for the three previous billing periods' average.  All water that passes through the meter, above the 3 billing periods' average consumption, shall be charged to the customer at a rate equal to the direct cost of delivering water to the customer, which includes the cost of water purchased plus the power cost of pumping the water.  This rate will be $1.51 per unit.


If any residential customer has sewer problems, please call our office first.  If you have a sewer clean-out in your yard, we will unstop your sewer and run a camera through the line to see if you have any damage to the line.  We will not do any repairs to the line or go under your house to do any work.

This is a free service that we offer our residential customers, twice per year, to prevent them from paying un-necessary charges to private sewer companies.


If you have a leak or have any other emergency that causes the need to turn your meter off, please call the office.  We will be glad to have someone there as quickly as possible.