• 1929-    Act 556 of South Carolina General Assembly to create sewer district in Spartanburg County

  • 1930-    Act 1131 to establish a committee appointed by the Governor to oversee district

  • 1932-    Act 1040 was an amendment to Act 556 "authorizing sub-districts to operate water works and supply fire protection within sub-district to the extent that revenue from water sales would permit.

  • 1938-    Act 1287 changed to election type of commission.  The elections will be on the 2nd Tuesday of May.  Each commissioner will be elected to 6 year terms.

  • 1950-   Act 1389 was an amendment to issue bonds to be applied to adding fire hydrants and to purchase a reasonable amount of fire-fighting equipment

  • 1950-    In the early 1950's, Metro Fire Department began operation.  The 1st truck was a pickup with a hose on the back.  Mr. Matthew Gowens lived across the street and calls came to his house.  He would cross the street and set off the alarm.  Volunteer firemen in the area would respond to the call.

  • 1960-    A new fire department building was built

  • 1966-    Metro Fire Department bought a truck from Laurens County.  It was a Howe fire apparatus on a Ford chasis

  • 1969-    The commission of Metropolitan Sub-District B voted against a merger with Spartanburg Metropolitan District

  • 1970-    Spartanburg Metropolitan Sub-District A changed their name to Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer District.

                         Spartanburg Metropolitan Sub-District B stayed the same (Metro B)

                         Spartanburg Metropolitan Sub-District C changed their name to Una Water System

  • 1971-    Rescue 16 started operation

  • 1976-    Metro Fire Department bought a 2nd rescue unit and a new fire truck

  • 1978-    Metro B bought its 1st backhoe

  • 1979-    Metro B bought its 1st trencher

  • 1987-    Metro B capped off all of their wells and contracted with Spartanburg Water System to purchase water

  • 1990-    A new 16 inch sewer truck line was laid along the Polywood Branch to replace a 10 inch line.

  • 1994-    A new Water office and shop were built and a new Pierce fire truck was purchased

  • 1998-    A new pump station was built on Hwy. 9 and a 500,000 gallon elevated storage tank was built on the campus of USC Upstate.  An old 75.000 gallon storage tank was removed.

  • 2001-    Rescue 16 stopped operation

  • 2003-    A major road project by the South Carolina Department of Transportation caused Metro B to move a large amount of water and sewer lines.  Some major upgrades were also made to the system.

  • 2005-    Metro Fire Department closed due to lack of volunteers and the cost of running the Department.  The North Spartanburg Fire District took over all of the Metro area.